Laying down some cutties on the CX bike
after the DH race at Fox Creek. Photo courtesy of


From road to MTB, bmx to cyclo cross, I love all forms. So if there’s an event coming up and you’d like it captured, please contact me, for my passion for cycling is as deep as yours, and my passion for capturing it is just as strong.

How my cycling passion begun

Cycling is one of my biggest loves. From being a country boy riding around the streets of Mannum with my younger brother, moving to the big city of Adelaide and discovering downhilling as a runamuck teenager, and then being a bike courier for a number of years straight out of high school, being on a bike is in my blood.

If it wasn’t for the times I was injured and still went out with mates just to hang out, get photos and video them and their antics I might not have started my passion for the industry i’m in now. Because even though I couldn’t ride I still loved watching it. I couldn’t imagine a life without bikes. I dare say I would be an over weight, grumpy, unhealthy miserable sod if it wasn’t for cycling.

So get out there and enjoy life… on a bike.

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