The Sun and the Moon Timelapse Whistler,BC

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I am really happy with the way  this turned out. I originally was just shooting the sunset, but after seeing the conditions I elected to setup a 2nd time-lapse of the stars. The results were fantastic.

I also must thank the very honest and, clearly a guy with some humour, who on discovering the setup in the early hours of the morning out in the back country, not only left it alone, but hiked around in front of it and posed for a picture. Without his honesty the time-lapse wouldn’t exist. Thanks stranger.

Also thanks to Courtney and Lib who invited me up to this awesome spot to enjoy the sunset.

5000+ Expert Forums

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5000+ integrated design strategy for inner Adelaide is a project about city re-design and city renewal. A joint Australian and South Australian Government project 5000+ partners include Adelaide City Council and seven inner-city councils.

Troy Brosnan and his Moto

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Earlier in the year I headed out with Troy to get some shots and go for a ride.
We started off first thing for road ride down the esplanade.
After that he got the freshly stickered Moto out and after a quick Subway sandwich we headed out to Gillman

Curious Creatures Billboard Hero Shot

Curious Creatures – South Africa

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Looking at this selection of pics just reminds me of how much enjoyment we felt as a small group visiting such a big place. Before we arrived in South Africa we really knew nothing about it. On arrival into Johannesburg, we grabbed a big breakfast, some much needed coffee and boarded our flight to Bloemfontein, located about 4 hours south in The Free State, this was to be our home for the next 2 weeks.
The people there were great and the smiles on the young children’s places that visited our project were absolutely priceless. Some of them had never even seen TV let alone had one in their home.
Admittedly they were just as excited about my camera gear as the installation I was there to document.

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